Kogan Amaro Digital Art Gallery

Kogan Amaro Digital Art Gallery
Rafael Kamada

The Kogan Amaro gallery expands its area of operation and begins to work also with NFT, bringing this universe closer to artists, collectors, investors, and the general public.

From now on, with a specific curatorship, Kogan Amaro Digital Art Gallery will offer NTFs to the market, aiming to simplify the activities in this area and contribute to the formation of new audiences. With this initiative, the gallery, which has units in Brazil (São Paulo) and Switzerland (Zurich), reinforces its global performance, expanding its reach and facilitating the operations of digital portfolios.

„Our intention is to serve as a bridge between the physical and digital universes, simplifying processes at all points of the NFT art production chain, from the moment of creation to the completion of the sale, at the same time that our performance in the physical market is experiencing a very vigorous moment,“ states Ricardo Rinaldi, director of Kogan Amaro. One of the advantages of the facilitated operation via Kogan Amaro is that NFT purchases can be made even if the customer does not have cryptocurrencies in his wallet. Kogan Amaro’s digital operation already has its own profile on Foundation.app, one of the most important platforms in the global NFT market, dedicated to building this new way of acting in Web 3.0, bringing together artists and collectors around the world.

At the same time that they will have strong exposure in the virtual world, NFTs will become part of Kogan Amaro’s physical environments. The gallery intends to hold a physical exhibition of NFTs by the end of 2022 with tokenized works exhibited via led panels and special televisions. At first, the curatorship was done by making room for physical artists from the gallery and opening space for a number of international artists who already work with digital tools, in areas such as illustration, photography, and animation.

Among the physical artists already represented by the gallery and who now also offer exclusive NFTs for sale are: Daniel Mullen, Fernanda Figueiredo, and the duo Tangerina Bruno. Among the new artists and photographers are: Kandro, João Branco, Diris Malko, Fxaq27, Attilagaliba, Reinis Couple, UMiDART, and Giovani Cordioli.

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