NFT | Semana de Arte Mundana

NFT | Semana de Arte Mundana
Rafael Kamada

NFT | Semana de Arte Mundana

Semana de Arte Mundana, 2022
digital media video animation
duration: 06:16 (six seconds and sixteen frames)
06’16“ mp4
size: 480 x 736 pixels
codec: h264
format: mp4
fps: 30
audio format: AAC
2 channels
sample rate: 44100hz
Size in megabytes: 1.3 MB

The first NFT of artvista Mundano is on air!

Happy to announce that Tropix is the newest partner of Kogan Amaro Gallery. The first NFT release features a stop motion animation of Mundano, a fragment of the Mundano Art Week exhibition that closes on March 26.

Mundano appropriates the aesthetics of Di Cavalcanti’s iconic poster from the Semana de Arte Moderna and gives it a new meaning. He proposes a questioning about the current moment of art and the world we live in: he changes the wording to Semana de Arte Mundana and inserts the image of the little sprout that grew and ended up being cut down like many trees, giving the idea of rupture, reinforcing the idea of engaged art, so necessary today.

Using art to mark his social, environmental, and political positioning, Mundano, from São Paulo, has been effectively practicing artivism as a tool for social transformation for over 15 years.

The work „Semana de Arte Mundano“ is on auction at Tropix platform until the last day of the exhibition, March 26th. Take this opportunity and click here to bid on the work.

Mundano Statement

„This is the animated retelling of the official poster of the Semana de Arte Moderna, originally created by Di Cavalcanti 100 years ago.

Besides being the central concept of the exhibition „Semana de Arte Mundana“ the work is also my first digital animation and as of now it has been certified and released as an NFT .

I have already observed and reflected quite a bit on the positive and negative impacts of NFT and so until then it had not made sense to create one. But I decided to experiment in this historical opportunity of the Week of 22 by proposing a symbolic rupture in this seed of modernism. This sprout already took root, grew, became a centennial tree, bore ripe fruit, and many other seeds with their mistakes and successes.

Just like in our forests, huge trees are illegally cut down every day. In Brazil 24 trees are felled per second, according to data from @mapbiomasbrasil 2021.

The proposal is that this work in the virtual world can have a real impact. That is why I decided that all the money raised as an artist in the sale, I will donate to the group exhibition @cinzasdafloresta, in which more than 100 artists created incredible works with powdered forest from 4 Brazilian biomes.

The idea is precisely to create arts that are more activist and connected to the giant challenges that modernity itself has brought us, and this makes sense to me.

The work „Mundane Art Week“ is up for auction on the @tropix.io platform until the last day of the exhibition at @galeriakoganamaro, March 26.“

About the artist

Using art to mark his social, environmental and political positioning, São Paulo native MUNDANO has been effectively exercising artivism as a tool for social transformation for over 15 years. An advocate for environmental causes and universal human rights, in 2012 he founded the NGO Pimp My Carroça, and the Cataki app, both aimed at connecting waste generators and recyclable material collectors. The result of his work opened doors to replicate these artivist actions worldwide – more than 20 countries visited performing murals, exhibitions, graffiti, lectures, partnerships, and integrating global programs such as TED Fellows.

In the last years, he has been developing an intense research on materials, collecting residues from the biggest environmental crimes in the country’s history, thus creating his own inputs from these waste products: toxic mud, ashes from forest burning, and oil spilled on the beaches of the northeast.

These residues are transformed into works of denunciation, whether through graffiti, sculptures, canvases, or on the gables of buildings. His latest work, of over 1000m2, pays homage to the forest brigades that put out criminal fires – in a new version of Cândido Portinari’s “O Lavrador de Café”, Mundano uses ashes from the burning of 4 Brazilian biomes: Amazon Forest, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado (savanna), and Pantanal to create this gigantic painting as a symbol against illegal deforestation.

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