ArtSampa 2022 | Adriano Machado

ArtSampa 2022 | Adriano Machado
Rafael Kamada

ArtSampa 2022 | Adriano Machado

Estande S01 | de 16 a 20 de março
OCA | Parque Ibirapuera
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/no – Portão 3
Vila Mariana, São Paulo, SP

The Kogan Amaro Gallery is honored to participate in the first edition of ArtSampa, with works by the Bahian artist Adriano Machado. The fair takes place from March 16 to 20, at OCA – Ibirapuera Park.

Entitled Orimar, title of one of the works, the individual exhibition brings two more photographic series by Machado, Studies on still life and Baratino. Starting with photography, the research brings together works that seek to displace the everyday, questioning reality, creating averse worlds and rights, in which the presence of the racialized man shows itself in multiple reflective searches.

„Orimar, a metaphorical-poetic entity questions the notions of freedom and imprisonment of being, appearing in a translucent, visible and invisible way that is crossed by the forces of a world that occurs to it. The work that gives the exhibition its title is assembled with photographs printed in transparency, superimposed over landscapes, attached by nails. In the portraits, the men are in situations of everyday relationships, with birds, jumping, or simply looking at the horizon, but their lightness blends in with the landscape and the lights create other images that are superimposed over all the time attached and loose“, explains Machado about the work.

The works gathered in ArtSampa are composed of images that tend to shuffle some rules of photography: thinking of the portrait as still life and the landscape as portrait, and a slight desire to displace the photograph from the wall. Born in Feira de Santana (BA), Machado developed his works between his hometown, Alagoinhas, and Salvador.

The second series of photographs, Still Life Studies, appropriates elements that provoke visual tensions in order to critique Western art traditions. For the creation process, Machado relied on his family members as models to build narratives of affection, intimacy, and trust he had with them as he wandered through the territory that inhabited them and that they invented throughout their lives.

„In this series, I try to ‚think like a painter‘ who studies the light, the environments and the territory where he creates. Thus, I allow myself to wander through my territory and build images within the intimate space, in open places and develop images that point to a resignification of the notion of portrait and still life,“ comments the photographer.

The third and last series, Baratino, takes its name from an expression that can mean deceit, invention, lie. The work is composed of portraits that, according to the artist, deny and deepen the desire to question the senses.

According to Machado, „Baratino creates a conflict between two living bodies: man and animal, to point to several paths: from metaphorizing the perennial structure produced by the installed necropolitics – where racialized people are always in a territory of tension and suspension, going from being almost alive or almost dead (according to the desire of the other) to organizing an iconography of the image (through the animals and the pose that dialogues with points of a coexistence with ancestry)“.

About the artist

Adriano Machado (1986) is Master in Visual Arts at UFBA and develops artistic projects in photography, video and objects that seek to discuss questions about identity, territory, fiction and memory, investigating processes of life politics. His works point to the human condition between living spaces and afro-inventive territories.

She has participated in exhibitions such as 31st CCSP Exhibition Program (2021); Valongo Festival Internacional da Imagem (Santos/SP, 2019); Concerto for birds (Goethe Institut, Salvador, 2019); Panapaná „Vamos de mãos dadas (João Pessoa, 2018). He won the main prize in the Salões de Artes Visuais da Bahia in 2013 and special mentions in 2011 and 2014, and the Funarte Artistic Residencies Award 2019. She has also held artist residencies at Pivô Pesquisa Ciclo III (São Paulo, 2020); Fluxos: South Atlantic Collections (Salvador, 2019) and VerdeVEZ, in Campo arte contemporânea (Teresina, 2019). Selected artist with Coletivo Intervalo (BA), for Dakar Biennale 2022 (Senegal) and for Latitude Artist Residence 2022 (Chicago,USA).

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