Semana de Arte (Art Week)

Semana de Arte (Art Week)
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Landscape Route in the Southern Hemisphere
Camila Rocha

The first individual project of the artist Camila Rocha, at Emmathomas Gallery, takes place in the context of the Art Week of São Paulo, for only three days. Ephemeral.

The artist was challenged to create an endemic garden between four imaginary walls – a labyrinth with new species of plants that fill the space. Now suspended in the void, now on the walls together with drawings of fantastic seeds collected by the areas of Paraty – colonial city by the sea. These are scattered by the same white walls and curves that make space an infinite unity.

Curves and halls that circle between the plants and the viewer’s eyes provoke a dynamism within the space vacuum. It is the curve that holds the background in the landscape.

What Camila Rocha does is a painting from nature: from her scientific observation of the diverse forms of plants, their rhizomes, their colorations and volumes. It creates a telluric forest, almost a devotion to the visible and natural world. A search for reality in the plant world without leaving aside the sensations and chaos of the impressions on the plants. It finds beauty in the thickness of nature and in the origin of the vegetables suggested by its colors that create visual tactile senses.

But the work of Camila Rocha demands more than this dynamic speed of art fairs. It takes a time of contemplation and introspection, because it can be said that painting reaches us through the subjective world made of colors, lines and shapes. A precise study of the appearances of nature. The plants are observed from the botanical books and the images available in the contemporaneity. It is not necessary to observe nature as the Impressionists in the open air.

Capture plant images for your collages that take on fantastic airs. It makes this material printed and cut out another magical image with velvety, seductive and dazzling relief.

The pictorial installation works as an oasis among the other stands of the fair, invites to enter and be noticed. It takes another time to decipher it, which takes the observer audience to another plane, different from what is seen on the walls filled with art works from hundreds of artists, gathered in the same space.

Paintings, spatial pictorial reliefs, drawings and collages impress our vision by attacking the senses of our visual, olfactory, and tactile memory.

Faced with the installation of the artist who received the suggestive title of Landscape Path „Percurso da Paisagem“, the first sensation that comes is that the beautiful is true in this case.

When entering the exhibition space, undoubtedly, the truth is intoxicating and beautiful. We are facing the visual dazzle that occupy the horizon of this show.

It is an imaginary and tropical garden with exotic and amorphous plants seen in nature, in the plant world and in the beauty of the details of a plot made of lines and colors, drawn naturally on leaves and petals. The artist interprets nature.

The plants and seeds germinate by their dispersion, generating dynamism in the curved wall that takes from the corner the end itself. We have the spine as support for space, heaven and earth. The plant that becomes a column and that multiplies itself by „snaking“ itself. Like Lygia Clark’s bugs when exposed tangled with wood trunks.

The Hybrid Plant is half plant, half landscape and screen while taking plant shape again, curling up does from the front to the bottom and vice versa.

The artist makes reorganized collages with seedlings found in the digital network. Once collected, it is pruned by grouping them into another landscape. Everything hangs in balance. The color is full and the form in its fullness comes from the plant world.

The painting and the reliefs of Camila Rocha reveal the background of the inhuman nature where we settled and we are germinating. The landscape as a nascent organism where the artist projects, fixed and objective – paints what already painted by nature itself.

Camila gives us the visual literal meaning of her work, we have to decipher it in this exhibition Landscape Path. (“Percurso da Paisagem”).