New representations

New representations
Beatriz Sant'Ana

Marcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco are newcomers to Emmathomas Gallery

Our curatorial proposal is to enhance our artistic body, by means of bringing in newer generations and their support

Márcia Pastore and Nazareth Pacheco are now the newest artists Emmathomas Gallery represent. Having chosen both is aligned to the gallery’s proposal, which is based on presenting to the public the diversity of Brazilian art, capturing the essence of artists living in different regions of Brazil, and abroad.

„Both belong to the same generation, however, their styles are different. Multidisciplinary, common to both, is a trademark of contemporary art, „says Ricardo Resende, artistic director at Emmathomas Gallery.

Márcia Pastore’s work is directed at exploring links between space and sculpture. The artist experiences varying situations where her own image and of the universe in which she is inserted duplicate, ending up in sculptures and installations.

Nazareth Pacheco travels mainly through three-dimensional spaces of sculptures and installations that explore autobiographical issues, and the female body. Her work speaks directly to the universe of aesthetic pleasure, the search for beauty and admiration, counterweighing with elements that cause pain, such as blades, spikes, acrylics and metals.

About the artists

Marcia Pastore

Born in 1964, in São Paulo, where she currently lives and works. Studied Fine Arts at Mackenzie University. Her work has been exhibited at important Brazilian arts venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of USP (1990 and 1992); Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (1990); Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro (1993-2010); São Paulo Cultural Center (2000); National Foundation of the Arts of São Paulo (2012) and Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology (2017). Participated at Arco-International Fair of Contemporary Art in Madrid (1998 and 2000) and at the opening of the Vestfossen Kunst Laboratorium in Oslo, Norway (2004).

Her work is present at main art collections in Brazil, such as Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo; Pinacoteca Municipal de São Paulo; Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo; Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo; and Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz, in São Paulo.

Nazareth Pacheco

Born in São Paulo in 1961, where she currently lives and works. Started her artistic production in the 1980s; she is part of a generation that deals intensely with issues related to the body. Graduated in 1983, in Fine Arts at Mackenzie University, São Paulo; in 1987, attended the Sculpture Studio workshop at the École National Superieure des Beaux-Arts, in Paris. She holds a master’s degree in Arts from the School of Communication and Arts (ECA), University of São Paulo.

Has held individual and collective exhibitions at prestigious domestic and international institutions. Among them, we may cite: The Maison du Brèsil (Brussels), Instituto de Cultura Brasileira (Berlin), São Paulo Cultural Center, São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói, the Municipal Center of Art Hélio Oiticica in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong Arts Center in China, Fundacion Caja de Madrid in Madrid, Malba in Buenos Aires, El Museo del Barrio in New York, Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro, and Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo.