Bruno Passos


Marília – SP, 1985
Lives and works in São Paulo – SP


Stylist by training (UEL), Bruno had his work recognized as one of the participants of the visual identity of SPFW (2009), later exhibited at the Venice Biennale, was also selected for the Brazilian Design Biennale (2013) and, as a stylist, made appearances in Folha de São Paulo, Vogue and Valor Econômico.

Bruno had his first contact with painting late, at the age of 27, after an epiphany, that was when he retired from Fashion and began to dedicate himself entirely to painting where, early on, he collected awards and selections in the most traditional salons of national classical painting: SBA of Piracicaba, SAV of Vinhedo, SBA of Limeira, among others.

Following this, he was the first Brazilian accepted to be the apprentice of Swedish painter Odd Nerdrum (MET-NY, National Gallery-Oslo, Gothenburg Museum), his artistic residence (Norway 2016) was successful and, in 2017, he received another invitation to return and be the assistant of Nerdrum in his largest physical work, “Opening of the Prisons”. The Scandinavian experience opened new directions for him, of which we highlight the invitation for a Solo Exhibition at the Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo (2018) and the current one-year artistic residence at the FAMA museum in Itu.

Bruno conducts seasonal expeditions to the corners of Brazil, from where he extracts input for his paintings of latent and non-obvious Brasilidades. His focus is to subvert the academic technique so that it becomes a source of sensory stimulus to the viewer, stimulating emotions by examining what it is to be Brazilian and what are the characteristics that constitute this dentification. His works are part of collections in France, USA, China, and Brazil, and last year he was considered by the Norwegian magazine Sivilisasjonen one of the three greatest classical painters today.



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