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Made in Brazil

Mundano is a Brazilian artist and cultural activist whose works have been seen both in the streets and in museums and galleries. The works in Made in Brazil, his first solo exhibition in Europe, seem at first to be seductive and bitingly amusing.


Céu da Boca

When I’ve visited artist Rafaella Braga’s studio to check out the creation of the paintings that now comprise this exhibition, it struck me that the large dimension of her paintings and the amassment of information they display evoke a feeling contrary to the first sight.


Ciclo Circadiano

The daily cycle governing life – whether the painter’s life, or our daily routines’, or nature’s, or the planet’s, or even the celestial bodies’ settled in galaxies – is self-paced, it doesn’t depend upon wishes and wills. In the face of this ineffable reoccurrence, the illusion of changelessness asserts itself. However, the circadian rhythm transmutes the indisputable in these paintings, presenting a new conundrum: in the beginning was the Movement.


Zirkadianer Rhythmus

In the beginning was the Landscape. Greenery, lake and mountain views were shrouded in a fine mist, lightly designed in pastel-colored patches. The interaction among pictorial elements flowed harmoniously, hinting at virtual silence.


Semana de Arte Mundana

The Environmental-Climate Manifesto presented by Mundano takes us on a tour among the ashes of forest fires, the mud from Brumadinho’s tragedy, and the oil spilled on the Northeast region which, once combined to objects, pigments and annatto, create a narrative in which the planet’s emergency becomes an entity who’s about to devour us.

[Zurique] Luisa Almeida | Estandarte - 27 Nov, 2021 – 05 Fev, 2022


Luísa Almeida’s first solo exhibition abroad, Estandarte (Banner), presents a unique set of works created and produced for the show during a residence program at FAMA – Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro, in Itu, São Paulo, in 2021.

[São Paulo] Color Bind | 11 Nov, 2021 – 22 Jan, 2022

Color Bind

There are many ways through which artworks can be combined. Curating is often a subjective process of establishing connections between different things based on a particular perspective, albeit one that reveals something intangible.

[Zurique] Mirela Cabral | Preúdio – 17 Set – 20 Nov, 2021


Mirela Cabral is an artist born in Salvador, Bahia, in 1992. She lives and works in São Paulo (SP), where she graduated in Media Studies with a major in Filmmaking at Fundação Álvares Penteado/FAAP. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -