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Semana de Arte Mundana

The Environmental-Climate Manifesto presented by Mundano takes us on a tour among the ashes of forest fires, the mud from Brumadinho’s tragedy, and the oil spilled on the Northeast region which, once combined to objects, pigments and annatto, create a narrative in which the planet’s emergency becomes an entity who’s about to devour us.

[São Paulo] Color Bind | 11 Nov, 2021 – 22 Jan, 2022

Color Bind

There are many ways through which artworks can be combined. Curating is often a subjective process of establishing connections between different things based on a particular perspective, albeit one that reveals something intangible.


Secret Santa

Think as a collective and act on behalf of the other. This is the goal of the exhibition Amigo Secreto, a group show that opens on Saturday, December 5, at the Galeria Kogan Amaro.



“Not every portrait is a tribute.” Who better to problematize the bourgeoisie, than the bourgeois themselves? Who better to dismantle the construction of whiteness than those who benefit from it? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -