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Made in Brazil

Mundano is a Brazilian artist and cultural activist whose works have been seen both in the streets and in museums and galleries. The works in Made in Brazil, his first solo exhibition in Europe, seem at first to be seductive and bitingly amusing.


Zirkadianer Rhythmus

In the beginning was the Landscape. Greenery, lake and mountain views were shrouded in a fine mist, lightly designed in pastel-colored patches. The interaction among pictorial elements flowed harmoniously, hinting at virtual silence.

[Zurique] Mirela Cabral | Preúdio – 17 Set – 20 Nov, 2021


Mirela Cabral is an artist born in Salvador, Bahia, in 1992. She lives and works in São Paulo (SP), where she graduated in Media Studies with a major in Filmmaking at Fundação Álvares Penteado/FAAP.


The New Man from the Tropics

Kogan Amaro Gallery brings to its Zurich branch from June 6 to July 11 “Flávio de Carvalho: The New Man from the Tropics” with female drawings of the avant-garde multidisciplinary Brazilian artist, along with the New Look (Experience n.3)…


A Bird Called Innocence

Twenty-two year old Samuel de Saboia confronts the spectator with his reflections on social aesthetics, self-acceptance, sexuality, life and death, angels and demons. However two contrasting sentiments recur like a leitmotiv across his output: the notion of pleasure versus pain both aesthetic and personal. In his paintings on canvas or leather, sculptures and air-dry clay ceramics in his exhibition brought to Zürich by Kogan Amaro Gallery, pleasure and pain pulsate.