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Desver a Arte

São Paulo
11 Apr – 19 May 2018

Desver a Arte,
Collective exhibition

Desver a Arte
Exhibitions views

Galeria Kogan Amaro São Paulo
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP
seg – sáb | 11h-19

The word of order is to diversify. It is in this spirit that the Emmathomas Gallery reopens its doors on April 10th, in the middle of Gallery Night, in the Jardins area, São Paulo. Under the management of the artist, collector and entrepreneur Marcos Amaro and artistic director of curator Ricardo Resende, the gallery returns to the art market with a more daring and innovative proposal, breaking moorings and presenting to the public a diverse team of artists.

The “Desver a Arte” exhibition marks Emma’s opening with the 16 artists represented: alongside the already established painter and sculptor Gilberto Salvador, for example, Mundano, one of the most active graffiti artists in the city of São Paulo. To the delicate sculptures and ceramics of the Japanese Kimi Nii, are added the objects imbued with surrealist narrative of the São Paulo based artist Hugo Curti. The environments and realistic paintings in three dimensions of Alan Fontes, contrasts to the screens of fantastic atmosphere of Sani Guerra.

“Of different generations, of different lineages, slopes and supports, they are artists with interests also unusual. The gallery dares to show these plastic and poetic experimental differences of each of this artistic family, characteristics that are visible in the diversity of what is seen in contemporary art “says Ricardo Resende, who signs the curatorship of the collective.

In addition to those already mentioned, Alex Flemming, Carl Emanuel Wolff, Carlos Mélo, Francisco Klinger Carvalho, Isabelle Borges, Jens Hausmann, Katia Salvany, Marcia Grostein e Paula Klien.

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