SP-ARTE 2021

SP-ARTE 2021
Rafael Kamada

SP-ARTE 2021

Stand C13 | 20-24 October
ARCA | Manuel Bandeira, 360
Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo – SP

We are pleased to announce our participation
at SP-ARTE 2021, presenting works by:

Bruno Miguel
Bruno Passos
Carlos Mélo
Daniel Mullen
Felipe Góes
Fernanda Figueiredo
Josafá Neves
José Rufino
Mirela Cabral
Patricia Carparelli
Shizue Sakamoto
Tangerina Bruno


Bruno develops since 2004 his research around the construction and representation of landscape in contemporaneity, active in several languages, he chooses painting as the main theme of his obsessive production routine. In recent years, questions about landscape have begun to give way to a greater investigation of painting as a language and its interfaces in contemporary everyday life. But above any rhetoric Bruno may develop to justify his choices, the real strength of his research lies in the work. Not in the work itself, but in the toil of the studio, where his curiosity and restlessness keep his painting in transformation. Where his compulsions seek anxious mistakes for unpredictable solutions, so generous that they hide behind the banal dazzle of easy images. His research is a kind of peripheral post-pop, always relating high and low culture. A vulgar and exuberant makeup that superficially disguises his condition of eternal search for beauty. Not of painting, but of painting.

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Stylist by training (UEL), Bruno had his work recognized as one of the participants of the visual identity of SPFW (2009), later exhibited at the Venice Biennale, was also selected for the Brazilian Design Biennale (2013) and, as a stylist, made appearances in Folha de São Paulo, Vogue and Valor Econômico.

Bruno had his first contact with painting late, at the age of 27, after an epiphany, that was when he retired from Fashion and began to dedicate himself entirely to painting where, early on, he collected awards and selections in the most traditional salons of national classical painting: SBA of Piracicaba, SAV of Vinhedo, SBA of Limeira, among others.

Following this, he was the first Brazilian accepted to be the apprentice of Swedish painter Odd Nerdrum (MET-NY, National Gallery-Oslo, Gothenburg Museum), his artistic residence (Norway 2016) was successful and, in 2017, he received another invitation to return and be the assistant of Nerdrum in his largest physical work, “Opening of the Prisons”. The Scandinavian experience opened new directions for him, of which we highlight the invitation for a Solo Exhibition at the Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo (2018) and the current one-year artistic residence at the FAMA museum in Itu.

Bruno conducts seasonal expeditions to the corners of Brazil, from where he extracts input for his paintings of latent and non-obvious Brasilidades. His focus is to subvert the academic technique so that it becomes a source of sensory stimulus to the viewer, stimulating emotions by examining what it is to be Brazilian and what are the characteristics that constitute this dentification. His works are part of collections in France, USA, China, and Brazil, and last year he was considered by the Norwegian magazine Sivilisasjonen one of the three greatest classical painters today.

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Carlos Mélo is a visual artist. His works transpose video, photography, drawing, installation, sculpture and performance in an investigation of the place that the body occupies in the world. Through anagrams and performance actions the artist brings together images and words practicing a semantic contortionism. It seeks to make the body converge in situations of interaction with the environment and conceptual frameworks that suggest it relationally, while simultaneously operating a rescue of aspects of Brazilian cultural formation. Idealized and held the 1st Biennial of the Barro do Brasil, Caruaru (2014). Participated in collective exhibitions such as the 3rd Biennial of Bahia, Salvador (2014); at the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, Champaign, USA (2013); in the Museum of Modern Art Aloísio Magalhães, Recife (2010 and 1999); in Itaú Cultural, São Paulo (2008, 2005, 2002 and 1999); among others. He has held individual exhibitions at Gallery 3 + 1, Lisboa, Portugal (2010); in Paço das Artes, São Paulo (2004); and the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation (Recife, Brazil, 2000). He won the CNI SESI Marcantonio Vilaça Award for Fine Arts (2006). Lives and works in Recife.

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Abstract painter Daniel Mullen was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1985. Graduated in 2011 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he currently resides. Mullen has had his works exhibited in London, Vancouver, New York, and more recently, held his first exhibition at the Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin. Mullen’s artistic career started as a natural passion he exerts for architecture and spaces; what fascinates him is to create spaces, unoccupying them thereafter. He creates perspectives, toying with optical illusions, which come to place by combining pigmentation and geometry.

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Felipe Góes’ work with painting seeks to discuss the production and perception of images in contemporary times.

He held solo exhibitions at Galeria Kogan Amaro (São Paulo, 2019), Galeria Murilo Castro (Belo Horizonte, 2018), Instituto Moreira Salles (Poços de Caldas, 2017), Galeria Virgílio (São Paulo, 2016 and 2018), Central Art Gallery (São Paulo, 2014), Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (Arizona, USA, 2014), Art Museum of Goiânia (Goiânia, 2012) and Usina do Gasômetro (Porto Alegre, 2012).

Felipe was part of the group exhibitions “Mapping Spaces” (Kentler International Drawing Space, New York, USA, 2016), “2nd International Biennale of Asunción” (Asunción, Paraguay, 2017), “Coletivo Terça ou Quarta + Acervo Municipal” (Araraquara, São Paulo, 2014 – sponsorship: PROAC-ICMS), “Arte Praia 2013” ​​(Natal, Rio Grande do Norte state, 2013 – sponsorship: Funarte) and “20- poucos anos – portfólio” (Galeria Baró, São Paulo, 2011).  He was also part of artistic residencies at the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (Arizona, USA, 2014) and Instituto Sacatar (Itaparica, Bahia state, 2012).

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Fernanda Figueiredo studied Architecture and Urbanism at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Visual Arts at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts she worked actively in a collaborative duo in São Paulo. Drawing and painting are the media that best reflect her artistic production. Even though she had produced intensively using several different supports, she always maintained them in dialog with these two techniques. In 2015, when she moved to Berlin, she started pursuing her solo career. Within that time, she had grown a deep interest in Latin American post/colonial theories, tropical exoticism and the role of painting in these narratives. Since 2005 she has exhibited in institutions such as Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, the Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia in Salvador, Galerie im Körnerpark and Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin. Since then she received various grants, among then the Programa Rede Nacional Funarte Artes Visuais and the Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt Stipendium funded by the Berliner Senat and the Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF). In 2019, she is one of the nominated artists for the 5. André Evard-Preises from the Kunsthalle Messmer in Germany. Her work is represented in the collection of the Museu de Arte Moderna

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Self-taught African-Brazilian artist, born in Brasilia, in 1971. In 24 years of full dedication to the art practice, he has participated in group and solo shows with oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and installations in cities such as Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paris, Massachusetts, Havana and Caracas. The painting practice is of indisputable and utter importance to the artist. One of the alluring elements of Josafá’s works lies precisely in the conscientious devise of creating paintings from within a black skin: all canvases are painted black before the application of any other color. The richness and atmosphere created are unique.

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José Rufino was born in 1965 in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil, where he lives and works. He began his artistic career in the 1980s, interested in more experimental productions, derived from movements such as Dada, Fluxus, Situationism, Concrete Poetry, Poem/Process and Gutai, when he experimented with hybrid fields between poetry, visual-poetry and post-art, until arriving at paintings, monotypes, sculptures and installations.

Rufino has made incursions into cinema, video, curatorship, and literature, the latter being always present, or summoned, given the deep relationship of his work with the written word. Throughout his 37-year career, he has held and participated in more than 300 exhibitions, including the biennials of São Paulo, Mercosul, Venezuela, Havana, Curitiba, and Cerveira. He has had major solo shows in venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niterói, Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Curitiba), Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro), Casa França Brasil (Rio de Janeiro), Aloísio Magalhães Museum of Modern Art (Recife), Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, USA), and Palácio das Artes (Porto).

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Mirela Cabral is an artist born in Salvador, Bahia, in 1992. She lives and works in São Paulo (SP), where she graduated in Media Studies with a major in Filmmaking at Fundação Álvares Penteado/FAAP. She researches both abstract and figurative expressions, focusing on ordinary depictions as well as images from her own memory and from observational sketches drawn on her diaries. Mirela interacts, bends and defies strokes, shapes and textures that range from painting to drawing and to embroidery as her media of choice.

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Patrícia Carparelli was born in 1980 and lives in São Paulo. She has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo and has a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy from the Sedes Sapientiae Institue, technique which is present in her works. Two of her works were shown at the XXXII Salon of Plastic Arts of Arceburgo ( Minas Gerais state) and were awarded a silver and a bronze medal. She has shown her art at some of the following exihibitions: PONTES Arte/Formatto – São Paulo (2017) and 50 Artists – 2nd edition of Arte/Formatto – São Paulo (2016).

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Shizue works with painting and performs a delicate research of colors. It investigates the transience in the relationship between colors, and between the painting and the observer that are revealed before a look far from the speed. She participated in the course “Painting: Practice and Reflection” with Paulo Pasta, “Creative Process” with Charles Watson at the Tomie Ohtake Institute and “History of Art” with Rodrigo Naves.

She held individual exhibitions at Galeria Kogan Amaro (SP, 2020), Galeria Tato (SP, 2017) and Galeria Deco (SP, 2011). Participated in group exhibitions, Novas Representações (Galeria Kogan Amaro, 2019), Collective (Auroras, SP, 2018); PMG (Galeria Tato, SP, 2017); 3rd Ponta Grossa Contemporary Art Salon (Paraná, 2016); 46 ° Piracicaba Contemporary Art Salon (Piracicaba, 2014), “Marcas do Tempo” (Galeria Deco, SP, 2012), “Vestígio para o Futuro, Vestigios de 30 Anos” (Galeria Deco, SP, 2012), Great Exhibition of Arts Bunkyo (SP, 2010).

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Tangerina Bruno is a duo formed by twin brothers Letícia and Cirillo, from Porto Ferreira, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. The production requires the four hands and the two minds of the artists, which become a third element that produces, paints and retells the experiences lived by the duo. The production begins in 2013, through painting. From 2018, they also start to develop works in other languages, such as photography, drawing, sculpture and object.

Among the participations in exhibitions, we highlight the individual “Estados Cotidianos”, at Kogan Amaro Gallery and “Piruá” at the Contemporary Art Center W and collective exhibitions in institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and the Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto, the Auroras space in São Paulo, the Youth Arts Show (Sesc) and salons such as Novíssimos (IBEU Gallery). They have works in the collection of FAMA Museum and MAM Rio – Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection.

The formation of the brothers took place through free courses, such as painting classes with the artist Manoel Veiga and groups of monitoring and interlocution as the Artists at FAMA under the guidance of Katia Salvany; the Jundiaí Cycle at Sesc, under the guidance of Ana Paula Cohen, Thiago Honório and Andrey Zignnatto; the Study and Production of Contemporary Art Group at Tomie Ohtake Institute under the guidance of Paulo Miyada and Pedro França and monitoring with the critic Mario Gioia in Ribeirão Preto.

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