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Flash of Desire

17 Sept – 20 Nov, 2021

Flash of Desire

Flash of Desire
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Galeria Kogan Amaro Zurique
Löwenbräukunst, Limmatstrasse 270
8005 Zürich, Switzerland

About the exhibition

The Löwenbräu location of Galeria KOGAN AMARO is featuring a solo show called “Flash of Desire” by Antonio Hélio Cabral – Brazilian painter, drawer, engraver and sculptor of a consolidated career, holder of Cultural Merit Award granted by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, an artist whose works participated in various Biennials and exhibitions internationally, and are present in major institutional collections in Brazil, such as Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo and Museum of Lasar Segall, Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo and Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul, Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in Santiago, Chile and Unasul – United Nations of South Americas in Quito, Equador. Philosopher, writer and thinker, Cabral is showing these series of drawings, paintings, lithographs, and poems for the first time in Switzerland.



Desire Glare in Paint-Strokes

Verticality, the root, matters for creation. A root that extracts from existence the very matter of desire, like a tree absorbs nutrients from the soil and concocts them to the fruit, not the local or foreign root: of workmanship, ethnicity, aesthetic belonging. Everything speaks to everything else. That’s how nature aggregates, divides, shapes; the artist’s duty is to find what trans-forms and forms what’s unique, the artwork.

The stroke is born as design. It comes from movements gathered from nature, acknowledged as patterns that, once retraced, are humanized. With no design, the world stays afloat. Design can embody movement, rhythm, timbre, power calibration; it may devise and establish chromatic and psychic analogies.

Existence, as expressed in painting and drawing, is what interests me. I think the stroke has a life of its own, like the lightening of desire, a paint-stroke perceived in the picture, from which it emerges as a roar. I regard artists who have reached the throes of expression as having been sentenced to their own nature. From there, they’ve seen nature through a crevice of their being. Over the shadow of the world, a slit, a glare expressing the release from language frontiers and the advance of sentient certitude over complacency. In art, desire moves the artist towards himself. Once the void is behind him, he foresees what his being acknowledges as himself. In order to be beautiful, beauty waives the idealization of beauty. I care for the beauty that decants the dust of existence, the affection protecting it from the entropic blast of the world.

The works displayed at Galeria Kogan Amaro comprise two sets: color processed pictures that are self-created from their distinctive strokes, and entre-cabeças (inter-heads), a series of works that devise the debate: what can raise a head to the status of figure? An isolated head, prevented from interacting with others, is limited to the status of head. While, once I design the head and grant it with the possibility of connection through a stroke, I’ll have not two heads, but two figures. Figures defined by their potentiality – which allows them to exchange and manage potentialities. In this series, heads are connected, confronted with each other, integrated… The black stretch in some of the works becomes hollow, makes itself absolute as it displays what’s drawn or painted.

Antonio Hélio Cabral

About the artist

São Paulo University’s Contemporary Art Museum, in which Kossovitch is curator. 1996– Exhibits Monotipies and Lythographies at Gabinete 144 (São Paulo). Exhibits at Galeria Elizabeth Nasser, with curatorship of Jacob Klintowitz, in Uberlândia, MG. 1997 – Opens an atelier at Rua Dr. Frederico Steidel, in São Paulo’s old downtown, where he makes large sized paintings. 1998 – Casa das Artes Galeria (São Paulo), assembles an individual exhibition of the artist’s lythographies. 1999 – Exhibition Recent Paintings at Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, with curatorship of Mayra Laudanna. 2000 – Participates of the exhibitions Almeida Júnior a revisited artist and The Angels are Back, both at Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo. Participates of the collective Brazil 500 Years, module Caminha’s Letter. Participates of the exhibition Between Centuries, at Galeria Tina Zappoli (Porto Alegre-RS). 2001 – Individual exhibition of paintings on paper, at Galeria Millenium (São Paulo). Resumes the modeling work, his sculptures are reproduced preferentially in plaster. 2002 – Exhibition Cabral – Casa das Artes Collection at Casa das Artes Galeria (São Paulo). 2003 – Illustrates with a series of lythographies the poem Seamarks, by Saint John Perse, Editora Atelier (São Paulo). 2004 – Exhibits works in several techniques at Marilú Cunha Campos Art Office (São Paulo). Launches a series of ceramics at Galeria Arte Aplicada (São Paulo). 2005– Collective Exhibition Brazilian, Brazilians, Afro Brazil Museum, with curatorship of Emanoel Araújo, in São Paulo. Commemorative Exhibition One Hundred Years of Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, held at FIESP (São Paulo). Launch of the Book Strokes and Transfers, organized by Mayra Laudanna, Editora Atelier, with parallel exhibition at Galeria Estação São Paulo (São Paulo). Individual Exhibition at Galeria Renot (São Paulo), with curatorship of Vera Novis. 2006 – Opens a sculpture and engraving atelier at Rua Jesuíno Paschoal, in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília in São Paulo. Individual Exhibition Faces of a single Face, Art Lounge (Lisbon-Portugal) • Exhibition in background of the Metrópolis show, TV Cultura• Art Lisbon (Portugal), by Galeria Art Lounge. 2007 – Art Madrid (Spain), by Galeria Art Lounge. • Utpicturas diversitas, Memorial da América Latina (São Paulo) • Entering the Earth, Galeria Tina Zappoli (Porto Alegre, RS), Art Lisbon (Portugal), by Galeria Art Lounge. 2008 – Brasília Biennial, as a member of G11 group • Art Madrid (Spain), by Galeria Art Lounge • Brazilian art in Brussels, Berlin, Rome, as a member of G11 group • Individual exhibition, Between heads, Art Lounge (Lisbon-Portugal) • Individual exhibition, Body to Body, Galeria Paulo Darzé (Salvador-Bahia). 2009 – Art Madrid (Spain), by Galeria Art Lounge • Art Lisbon (Portugal), by Galeria Art Lounge • Paintings and drawings exhibition in Arts Hall 2009 by Galeria Casa das Artes (São Paulo) • Collective exhibition, Afro Brazil Museum, I have a dream, with curatorship of Emanoel Araújo, in São Paulo. 2010 – Art Madrid (Spain),Art Dubai and Art Monaco, by Galeria Art Lounge. Commemorative exhibition Brasília 50 Years (Brasília, DF). Exhibition of paintings and drawings at Arts Hall 2010 by Galeria Casa das Artes (São Paulo). Exhibition Colors Names, Galeria Espaço Arte (São Paulo). Edition of Maré, catalog book with critical essay by Luis Armando Bagolim and photos by João Musa, Sérgio Caribé Gallery (São Paulo).

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