Present in the most populous cities of Brazil and Switzerland, the KOGAN AMARO gallery units in the Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo and Zurich’s Löwenbräu-Kunst cultural center have as a main guideline the diversity in curators and public: with a portfolio full of internationally renowned and emerging artists with solid careers, who are already present in the art market and considered the promises of tomorrow, they provide services to demanding and experienced collectors as well as those who approach art out of passion.

Under the management of the classical pianist Ksenia Kogan Amaro and businessman, patron and visual artist Marcos Amaro, the gallery throws light on contemporary art with unmatched care and integrates the world’s leading art fairs.


Contemporary art gallery KOGAN AMARO invests in the diversity of artists and audiences, meeting collectors’ demands who carry a vast experience of collecting, as well as those who approach art by mere passion.

The gallery offers a broad and international portfolio of reputed artists with solid institutional careers, in addition to emerging artists who have been spotted in the art market as prospective ones.

Mrs. Ksenia Kogan Amaro, managing partner and co-founder at KOGAN AMARO Art Gallery, a classical pianist and art collector, and Mr. Marcos Amaro, founding partner, a visual artist, collector, entrepreneur, patron and president of the Marcos Amaro Art Foundation, are the current partners at the gallery, which is located in São Paulo, Brazil, in the Jardins district, and in Zurich, Switzerland, as well, at the cultural center of Löwenbräu-Kunst, both have been participated at main international art fairs.