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New Representations

São Paulo
02 Dec – 20 Dec 2019

New Representations
Gê Viana, Gervane de Paula, Panmela Castro e Shizue Sakamoto

New Representations

Galeria Kogan Amaro São Paulo
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP

Kogan Amaro is pleased to gather on its mezzanine pieces by four artists who have been invited to join the gallery’s team in the latter half of this year: Gê Viana, Gervane de Paula, Panmela Castro and Shizue Sakamoto.

Common to all, the mastery of a recognizable and authorial style, in addition to intensive research within each of their segments, be it the study on color, social activism or popular culture. Born in Brazil, in various cities in our country, these artists highlight Kogan Amaro’s commitment to the quest for representing diverse segments of today’s contemporary art.

Focused on marginalized segments of society, such as native peoples, black people, women and LGBTI people, Maranhão artist Gê Viana creates photo montages and photo performances within urban and rural intervention experiments. Her social activism greatly dialogues with the work produced by Rio de Janeiro artist Panmela Castro. Originally a graffiti artist from the outskirts of Rio, she became interested on the dialogue established between her marginalized female body and the city, designing performances out of personal experiences.

Part of Geração 80 (80s Generation), the artist from Mato-Grosso Gervane de Paula moulds into his work an interesting portrait of the environment in which he lives, inhabited by three different ecosystems (cerrado, forest and Pantanal), strong on popular and religious culture as well as being a backdrop for urban violence in its many forms. As to Shizue Sakamoto, he brings a thorough study of color to the canvases, which creates a spiritual production and reveres light. A group of potent artists who empower our culture and grassroots.

Ana Carolina Ralston
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