Zona Maco

Zona Maco
Zwei Arts


Beginning with the name of the city where he was born, the artist already carries in his work the strangeness of the title of this place from where he came, Riacho das Almas in the state of Pernambuco.

This title looks like a text extracted from the pages of the book “Grande Sertão Veredas” from the writer Guimarães Rosa, or the writings of José Lins do Rêgo, with their legends, mysticism and lyricism. Two authors describe a deep Brazil, a metaphorical place, mythical and magical at the same time.

This magic of the name, stream of souls, comes from a cemetery which has been built on the banks of a stream that has dried up, only the souls of the bodies buried there remain.

The performances, photographs and sculptures of Carlos Melo bring the same mysticism of this environment of the sertão with its streams, forests and animals that form the characteristic landscape of the northeastern region. Place marked by the climate of the semiarid.

It is in this environment that Melo inserts his body, where he takes animal forms and makes his photographs, videos and drawings. It’s hair, fur, leather, bones and body. A contorted and twisted body that takes on human forms. Fantastic shapes.

The photos are nothing more than records of the moments lived by the artist. They are made without the price of contortionism and the ritualistic situations it creates. A density impregnated with volume and symbolic values.

The work takes place between life, body and death. This is the world represented in his images, an osmosis made of gases, matter and water. A liquid world and gooey, everything escapes from reality, it is oily. They are images that flee from reality as they mingle with one another, fantastically.

Melo creates unusual relationships among furniture, microphones, bones and dense graphite stains that resemble hair shapes. Long hair.

It is a process that leads to the sensitive. The works are states of suspension and physical conformation, they are almost a state of levitation of the body.

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