Patrícia Carparelli

Patrícia Carparelli
Zwei Arts


24 julho – 10 agosto 2021
Curadoria por Fernanda Ingletto Vidigal

Galeria Kogan Amaro São Paulo
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP

Watercolor, Water and Its Representativity

According to German poet Friedrich Schiller in his “Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man”, the true artist can give form to nature, placing it at his disposal – as he separates matter from form, its exterior may even attract it. However, the true artist “plays” with matter, elevating its existence while keeping it alongside Beauty.

Waters speak for themselves and, through art, artist Patrícia Carparelli uses watercolor to reveal something intimate of which she hadn’t been aware. She develops relationships with color, with the background, with the proper water blending, with the layers of fabric, with time as materialized into the drawing’s gesturality. Throughout the painting process, Patricia finds this world and fills its void with the representation of water and its fluidity. She brings to the surface something from her subconsciousness, from her experiences, her sensations and whatever makes sense within the design of this great watercolor – the immateriality which has once been there sometime in the past, present and future has been performed and materialized. We’ve entered an era in which the spirit cannot be reckoned without art, and the soul cannot be considered without feeling. Feeling provides us with a sense of proportion, validating what we’d assumed to be true – through her work, the artist materializes this process, granting us with this feel. It’s through form that the artist provides expression to the laws of the spiritual world, imprinting onto matter the form in which matter itself wishes to be employed”. Patrícia Carparelli employs 120 yards of painted fabric in this site specific – ideas from a playful universe, from a play on reality –, and while occupying the gallery’s floor space with color, shape and movement, she invites us to barge into this realm of sensations.

Fernanda Ingletto Vidigal


Sobre o artista

São Paulo, 1980
Lives and works in São Paulo

Patrícia Carparelli was born in 1980 and lives in São Paulo. She has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo and has a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy from the Sedes Sapientiae Institue, technique which is present in her works. Two of her works were shown at the XXXII Salon of Plastic Arts of Arceburgo ( Minas Gerais state) and were awarded a silver and a bronze medal. She has shown her art at some of the following exihibitions: PONTES Arte/Formatto – São Paulo (2017) and 50 Artists – 2nd edition of Arte/Formatto – São Paulo (2016).




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