Paula Costa

Paula Costa
Beatriz Sant'Ana

Paula Costa
Emma POP: Ephemera

23 Nov – 21 Dec 2018

22 Nov, 7 pm – 10 pm

Kogan Amaro Gallery
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP

Emmathomas welcomes Paula Costa for its first mezzanine pop-up exhibition

Ephemera, curated by Ana Carolina Ralston, occupies the gallery’s second floor, holding around 15 works by the guest artist for the inauguration of Emma POP

As of November, Emmathomas Gallery opens the mezzanine’s exhibition space to pop-ups from guest artists. Born in Rio, Paula Costa launches the Emma POP project; its main objective is to provide an environment of artistic experimentation for prominent names of the contemporary scene, selected by the curator Ana Carolina Ralston. The living and ever-changing art is the leitmotif of Ephemera, a solo project that opens to the public at 7pm on November 22nd on the gallery’s mezzanine.

Time. Paula Costa’s work treads through time, between the beauty of blooming and aging. She utilizes needles, cotton thread and wool to tack leaves and flowers in different stages of existence. Collages, organic sculptures and photos reveal the transformation of the living art, which needs to fulfil its natural cycle regardless of the artist’s actions. “Nature, Paula’s oracle in the pursuit of inspiration and answers, and the interventions made by her in its fragments get different supports as if suspended in space, in a specific idyllic site that works as a portal at the exhibition’s entrance. In another work, this raw material is gathered in delicate acrylic boxes, mixing with threads and embroidered words,” notes Ana Carolina Ralston.

The artist’s relationship with fleetingness has always been present. Intuitively, Costa made it so that fleetingness can be more than simply a contemplative subject, turning it into the main theme of her artistic expression. “In western culture, we have a hard time looking at death. But it does not always represent the end. It is part of the transformation into another stage or another consciousness. It is through our little individual deaths that we close cycles and begin others,” says the artist.

Being a multimedia artist, Paula Costa works with organic matter, which dries up and ages daily. She carries humility and detachment to produce what wasn’t meant to last, in each embroidery and installation. She also utilizes lifespan as a significant element in her artistic purpose. “My way of reassuring my passage through the world is by accepting the lifespan of things. The artist comes well before art. But life comes before everything,” she concludes.

About Paula Costa
Multimedia artist and marketing graduate (2003). She took courses in painting, illustration, video installations and research laboratory at Artes Visuais do Parque Lage school, in Rio de Janeiro. Her main activities have been Image and Concept during the last 16 years. She worked in the fashion industry, with brands such as Farm, Fábula and Bb Básico. She has also directed advertisement campaigns for Mormaii and Coca-Cola Jeans. She carried out her first individual exhibition, Transborda, in October 2017, at Espaço Movimento Contemporâneo Brasileiro/EMCB, in Rio de Janeiro. In March 2018, she was a guest artist for the exhibition O Poder do Feminino (The Power Of Femininity), at Art Lab Gallery, in São Paulo. The artist resides and works in Rio de Janeiro.