Daniel Mullen

Daniel Mullen
Beatriz Sant'Ana

Daniel Mullen
Equação das Cores

30 Mar – 04 May, 2019

30 March, 11h–15h

Kogan Amaro Gallery
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP

Scotsman Daniel Mullen’s first exhibition in Brazil, at EmmaThomas Gallery

In “Equação das Cores”, artist presents a set of abstract canvases, and invites the public to embark on a sensory experience

Touch colors, appreciate the sounds, relate aromas to images, automatically, without any connection to affective memories. The sensory confusion defined as a neurological condition in which the stimulus in one direction provokes reactions to a different one is what neurologists call synesthesia. Synesthetes are rare, but practice can be carried out by anyone, if stimulated under certain impulses. This is what Daniel Mullen, a Scottish artist who is now being represented by Emmathomas Gallery, is trying to accomplish at his “Equação das Cores” exhibition, from March 30 to May 4.

“His paintings, mostly employing acrylic paint, are made up of dozens of layers that together represent a sensation common to those who carry his same ability: to see the colors of time,” reflects Ana Carolina Ralston, curator of the exhibition.

Mullen brings to the country first showing works of Synesthesia, a series conceived in collaboration with American artist and filmmaker Lucy Cordes Engelman, whom he is married to.  He presents a set of nine abstract paintings, in which he keeps a foreground perspective, while placing colors as a starting point to cast spaces and directions. “My painting is a portal for the viewer to immerse himself in a sensory experience. I want it to be a place for reflection”, he points out.

Mullen’s relationship with this universe began just after he approached Lucy, for whom numbers and letters connect to colors in a different way. She currently collaborates in the production of the afore mentioned series, assisting him on the definition of chromatic matches, through brush strokes in the shape of lines in his paintings. The couple’s creative process begins by choosing specific dates. Each date turns into a mathematical fraction which results in specific color in Lucy’s brain. Number two, for instance, is a shade of yellow. “She unveils the codes of time, discovering each number’s colors through her very own eyes. Time and color are the two necessary variying factors she needs to unravel the equation”, explains the artist.

The precise match between pigmentation and geometry present in Synesthesia’s set creates unusual perspectives, and confuses the viewer with all sorts of optical illusion, in a direct reference to the kinetic movement in the 50s. Canvases gain volume throughout the artist’s technique;  it appears to look like an encrustation of dozens of multicolored glass plates that move toward the observer.

About the artist

Abstract painter Daniel Mullen was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1985. Graduated in 2011 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he currently resides. Mullen has had his works exhibited in London, Vancouver, New York, and more recently, held his first exhibition at the Direktorenhaus Museum in Berlin.

In previous series, the artist displays his passion for architecture and space construction, creating virtual environments, which, next, are vacated, removing any scale index.

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