Atelier do Centro

Atelier do Centro
Beatriz Sant'Ana

Atelier do Centro

16 Jan – 09 Feb, 2019

15 Jan, 7 pm – 10 pm

Kogan Amaro Gallery
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP

Emmathomas Gallery opens 2019 schedule with Atelier do Centro exhibition

The collective interdisciplinary exhibition, led by Rubens Espírito Santo, shows a set of works in different manners which go from art philosophy to plastic production, such as sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs and installations

In common, they are all guided by the practice that goes from art philosophy and plasticity, ending with the art’s transmission itself. These are Atelier do Centro’s guidelines, a group of over 30 artists, Brazilians and aliens, led by Rubens Espírito Santo (RES), whose exhibition began on January 15 at Emmathomas Gallery.

Under Ricardo Resende’s curatorship, the show enhances the work of artists whose more consistent production has been on display for a longer time at the Atelier. Among them we can cite Anna Israel, Gabi Celan, Gabriel Botta, Lila Loula, Luca Parise and RES.

The exhibition’s title coexists with common practice that sustains the center’s Atelier organism. “Methodo’s desire is to structure a (collapsed) bridge between a practical and an imaginary world. It is founded on the premise that the students not only develop intellectual skills like organization, writing, reading and discipline, but also in the way they act in the real world”, explains Anna Israel.

Opening the year’s program with an “art school studio” is in accordance to the Gallery’s proposal establishing creative and affection bonds with the public. “The practice of the Atelier do Centro emphasizes the relevance of projects based on experimentation”. They reuse, reconfigure and disorganize, giving their drawing, sculptural, painting and photographic material a brand-new meaning.

Atelier do Centro

Under Rubens Espírito Santos’ leadership, also known as RES, The Center Atelier comprises over 30 Brazilian and alien artists such as Anna Israel, Gabriela Celan, Gabriel Botta and Luca Parise. They have been active for 20-plus years, with uninterrupted artistic production and visual arts courses. Their art is diverse: sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and facilities. Atelier’s core production is Méthodo, a practice conceived by RES that adds concepts such as philosophy of art, plastic production and the transmission of art. Their work is located in five different warehouses. Valongo, a district of Santos coastal city close to São Paulo, and Spain, are some of their locations.

Rubens Espírito Santo

Rubens Espírito Santo (São José dos Campos, 1966) is an artist, educator and intellectual. In 2000, he founded Atelier do Centro, located in downtown São Paulo, precisely on Rua Epitácio Pessoa. He studies aesthetics, philosophy, art theory, psychoanalysis and literature. He has exhibited at Tomie Ohtake Institute, Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo and São Paulo’s Cultural Center. He was bestowed Funarte’s award in 2009 and 2010, and Rumos Itaú Cultural award in 2005.