Hugo Curti

Hugo Curti
Beatriz Sant'Ana

Hugo Curti
Tudo posso naquilo que me conduz

07 Nov – 21 Dec, 2018

06 Nov, 7pm – 10pm

Kogan Amaro Gallery
Alameda Franca, 1054
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, SP

New exhibition of works by Hugo Curti opens at Emmathomas Gallery

Influenced by surrealism, the artist explores a fantasy world using everyday objects and their history

Hugo Curti finds and reconstructs objects to give them a new purpose and meaning. His solo exhibition “Tudo que posso naquilo que me conduz” (“All that I can within that which guides me”) will open at 7pm on November 6, at Emmathomas Gallery. Ricardo Resende is the curator of the exhibition that showcases a unique selection of photographs, engravings and small sculptures, totaling more than 80 works.

Exploring the original purpose of discarded materials is a characteristic of Curti’s accurate work. He seeks to reorganize everyday objects and give them a new meaning through a research focused on imagination. It is a way for him to transcend and break the conventional boundaries of each element’s original meaning. Invention and pursuit reveal Curti’s archeological research. Graduated in geology, he takes this opportunity to glimpse into the world sometimes surrealistically, sometimes fantastically.

Curti has a studio open to visitors at Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro in Itu (São Paulo state) where he works at giving a meaning to original components of the power station of the former São Pedro Factory.  Last century, Itu was a textile industry hub, historically and culturally important to the region. Curti uses remnants discarded in the area in the 1990s. The origin of his creative process lays in the premise of accumulating objects that make him ponder over saving things that seem useless. He then transforms these objects into sculptures which are like survivors of time, and inspire the public to recollect memories.

Small sculptures, an installation made up of photographs, drawings and objects are part of this solo project, specially carried out for Emmathomas. This exhibition closes the 2018 program and invites the public to know and experience Curti’s works. According to curator Ricardo Resende, work expresses its freedom through art creation. “Curti reveals a certain archeology within the accumulation of materials that are reinvented and transformed until they become small sculptures,” he explains.

Regardless of the material or support he uses, Hugo Curti always evolves in a multidisciplinary production. “There is a similarity with Artur Bispo do Rosário, recognized for the raw material available for him, by which he was surrounded in his daily life”, comments the curator. It also happens to Hugo, who is inspired by and works with what is around him.

Hugo Curti´s works are strongly influenced by his background in geology. He creates unusual narratives about human relations and allows a playful and free interpretation of his work. “I want people to interact with my works, to think it is strange and bizarre. This is how it can be apprehended,” says the artist. In this exhibition, affective memory and tradition are interconnected to revive and preserve the past, by giving objects a new life.