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Skateboard Help

Skateboard Help

Skateboarding came into São Paulo artist Fabiano Rodrigues’ life 30 years ago, 15 of which were dedicated to the sport professionally. It was watching the photographers who captured his tricks that made him interested on the artistic genre that now garners him national and international recognition.

Among his works that integrate great collections both in Brazil and abroad, there’s a skateboard deck created by him included in Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo’s collection. The acquisition made by the institution in 2012, during the Ivo Mesquita administration, was the motto for a project that is now finally happening with the support of Galeria Kogan Amaro (@galeriakoganamaro).

Skateboard Help (@skateboardhelp) is a platform created in partnership with the artist, the São Paulo gallery, and NGO Social Skate (@ongsocialskate), headed by skater and activist Sandro Testinha Soares, who promotes the social inclusion of kids from Poá and its outskirts, in the far east of São Paulo, through skateboarding. Every weekend, pedagogue Leila Vieira and him offer breakfast, afternoon snacks and skateboarding classes for over 50 youngsters.

The project aims to invite artists and skateboarding enthusiasts to print their work onto a limited series of 25 skateboard decks, from which 20% of the profit goes straight to Social Skate NGO. All pieces will be numbered and signed at a cost of R$ 600 per piece at Galeria Kogan Amaro.

The initiative references the successful outcome of the The Skateroom (@theskateroom), which markets multiples by many great artists printed on skateboard decks.

In this first edition, which will have Fabiano Rodrigues and Akira Shiroma’s work from the RATSREPUS series printed on the decks, 100% of the artist’s fee will be donated to the project, thus Social Skate NGO will receive a total of 60%.

Ana Carolina Ralston
Artistic Director

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Fabiano Rodrigues (Santos, 1974) transita pela fotografia, colagem, videoarte e performance. Artista autodidata, Rodrigues explora em seu trabalho fotográfico a relação do próprio corpo com a arquitetura e paisagem de centros urbanos. O artista é vencedor do Prêmio Mundie de Fotografia em 2016; e duas vezes recebeu o Prêmio Aquisição da Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, em 2012 e 2013. Em 2017, entrou para o Clube de Colecionadores de Fotografia do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. Atualmente, vive e trabalha em São Paulo. Já realizou exposições individuais na Casa Nova Arte Contemporânea (2016), SP; Pop Up Galeria Fita Tape (2015), RJ; Projeto Solo na SP-Arte/Foto (2012-2015); e Galeria Logo (2014); Galeria Andrea Rheder (2016); Galeria Kogan Amaro (2019). Fabiano já realizou exposições no Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro (2013-2014), Zacheta National Gallery Of Art, na Polônia (2013-2014), Museu de Arte de São Paulo (2013) e na Estação Pinacoteca (2012); SESC (2016); Centro Cultural São Paulo (2019). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -