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SP-Arte Viewing Room 2020

SP-Arte Viewing Room 2020

Viewing Room

The Kogan Amaro Gallery is pleased to participate in the main art fair in Latin America, which takes place during the 24th and 30th of August, exclusively through the SP-Arte online platform.

We present a recent section of the production of 17 artists, including:
Daniel Lannes – Daniel Mullen – Eduardo Srur – Élle de Bernardini – Felipe Góes – Fernanda Figueiredo – Gabriel Botta – Gê Viana – Jens Hausmann – Marcia Pastore – Mirela Cabral – Mundano – Nazareth Pacheco – Patricia Carparelli.


Identity is a selection of works from Galeria Kogan Amaro’s lineup to which were considered personal and cultural convictions that define them as artists. These works address history, gender, race, childhood physicality and memory, each showcasing an independent experience, yet also offering the chance to look widely on these themes and concepts.

Thus, bodily issues, physical features, limitations, memories and traumas are all featured in the works of Elle de Bernardini, Nazareth Pacheco and Samuel de Sabóia. On the other hand, encouraging and somewhat challenging aspects of social protest, indignation and political affirmation can be perceived in Eduardo Srur and Mundano’s works. The new generation of vigorous and virtuous abstract-figurative painters is represented by Mirela Cabral, Felipe Góes and Gabriel Botta – not forgetting the lightness and fluidity restored by Patricia Carparelli in her sinuous sensual watercolors.

This experience wouldn’t be complete without a reference to constructive tradition, so praised by Brazilian art: Fernanda Figueiredo and Scottish artist Daniel Mullen restore this memory through their Max Bill and Malevich-influenced compositions, respectively. Lastly, Marcia Pastore and Shizue Sakamoto bring about works of silent contemplation – the body at rest, a pause on everything… may be exactly the feeling that defines our current moment. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -